Energy Revolution

November 11, 2008

I have seen a significant change in the Implementation and design of electric power cables in the last 2 decays primarily due to the overture of new polymeric supplies. Previously, electric cables were made off with coppers and the other metal with the high resistance but now things are going change rapidly and in the current scenario of Information technology, we had seen the data cable to optic cable. The same sprit has bee found in the electric cables and new materials has been introduces to make the flow of electricity more efficient and faster.

I also noticed that the structure of the electricity manufacturing industry changing from government-owned to private institutions. Private sector is doing large investments towards this domain and in my opinion its positive change which will create the healthy competition between institutions and hopefully consumer will get the benefit of this competition.

On the other hand, there has been a remarkable change in behavior towards a security of the environment. These majors have and will prolong a very considerable influence on the kind of electricity cables we will see being used over the next 100 years.

posted by: Syed Umair Arshad


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